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Typically, we want links in our mobile app to go to another page within our mobile application. Here are ways of creating internal links to display a node:

Using the l() and bl() Functions

The l() function is shorthand for "link". The bl() function is shorthand for "button link".

Text Link

Text Link

var link = l('My Node Link', 'node/123');

Button Link

var button_link = bl('My Button Link', 'node/456');

The new way and old way produce equivalent HTML output, the new way is easier to write.

Using a Render Array

var content = {};
content['my_link'] = {
  theme: 'link',
  text: 'My Node Link',
  path: 'node/123'
return content;

You can use either link or button_link for the theme.

Plain HTML Link

<a onclick="javascript:drupalgap_goto('node/123');">My Node Link</a>