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We can either create a single checkbox, or multiple checkboxes for our users. Also checkout the Checkbox Widget page.

Single Checkbox

When creating a form, we can add a single checkbox to it:

Form Element = {
  _title: dg.t('Enjoy pizza?'),
  _type: 'checkbox',
  _description: 'Check this box if you enjoy pizza.',
  _default_value: 1 /* a value of 1 checks the box */

Multiple Checkboxes

Alternatively, when creating a form we can also provide multiple checkboxes that are grouped together:

Form Element

form.pizza_toppings = {
  _title: dg.t('Pizza Toppings'),
  _type: 'checkboxes',
  _required: true,
  _options: {
    ham: 'Ham',
    pineapple: 'Pineapple',
    bacon: 'Bacon'

Checking Multiple Checkboxes

Use the option key(s) as the key value pairs on _default_value to have the boxes be checked by default:

_default_value: {
  ham: 'ham',
  pineapple: 'pineapple',