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This page describes how to register a Bundle ID for an iOS application.

If you're not already at the Registering an App ID page, then:

  1. Go to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles under "Member Center" at
  2. Under 'iOS Apps', click 'Identifiers'
  3. On the 'iOS App IDs' screen, click the '+' button

Once you're on the Registering an App ID page, then:

  1. Under 'App ID Description', enter the name of your App
  2. Under 'App ID Prefix', your team should automatically be selected, if it isn't select the option, e.g. "######## (Team ID)"
  3. Under 'App ID Suffix' select the 'Explicit App ID' radio button, then enter your desired the 'Bundle ID' name into the text field
  4. Under 'App Services' select which services will be available for your App. By default the 'Game Center' and 'In-App Purchase' check boxes will be checked.

Click the Continue button

On the next screen you'll be at the Confirm your App ID page, review the information summarized and if everything looks good, hit the Submit button

Once the Registration Complete page is presented to you, click the 'one button.