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DrupalGap CLI - Command Line Interface

To help automate application development, DrupalGap comes with a command line interface (more commonly referred to as a CLI). With the DrupalGap CLI we can quickly take care of typical development and maintenance tasks.


To utilize the DrupalGap CLI, use your terminal window to make the drupalgap bash script executable:

cd app
chmod +x dg


To use the DrupalGap CLI, open a terminal window and navigate to your mobile app's directory:

cd app


Use the download command to quickly grab a DrupalGap module or theme:

./dg dl telephone


To update the DrupalGap SDK binary files, run this command:

./dg up

Backups will be saved in a directory called .drupalgap-backups if you need to roll back:

cd .drupalgap-backups
ls -la


Use the create command to quickly create a custom module:

./dg create module my_module


bash: ./dg: Permission denied

Without adding the executable permission mentioned in the CLI Setup, you'll most likely get a permission denied.

dg: command not found

You forgot to place the ./ in front of your command, for example: ./dg up