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A handy type of form in DrupalGap 8 is a configForm (which is similar to Drupal 8's ConfigFormBase) and allows you to save and re-use values to and from local storage.

Add something like this to your form's buildForm function:

this.buildForm = function(form, formState) {
  return new Promise(function(ok, err) {
    form.my_module_title = {
      _type: 'textfield',
      _title: dg.t('Title'),
      _required: true,
      _default_value: dg.getVar('my_module_title', '')
    form.actions = {
      _type: 'actions',
      submit: {
        _type: 'submit',
        _value: dg.t('Apply')
    // Turn the form into a config form.
    // Send it back to be rendered.

Upon form submission, all elements (in this case just my_module_title) will have their values saved to local storage, so they can be re-used anytime later:

var title = dg.getVar('my_module_title', '');

It is strongly recommended you prefix your element names with your module's machine name, that way the variables don't collide with anybody else in local storage.