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With DrupalGap 8, it's easy to set aside variables (a name/value pair) in local storage so that those values can be retrieved later, even after an application is restarted.

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It's recommend to prefix your variable names with the machine name of your module, followed by an underscore. In the following examples we want a variable foo to exist within our module's namespace, so we set up the variable name as my_module_foo so:

Setting a Variable

var foo = {
  'bar': 'chew',
  'moo': [
dg.setVar('my_module_foo', foo);

Getting a Variable

var foo = dg.getVar('my_module_foo');
dg.alert(; // Alerts 'chew'.

Deleting a Variable


Getting a Variable and Setting a Default

var example = dg.getVar('my_module_example', true);

This will automatically set aside true in local storage for the value of my_module_example, that way others can pick up that value, without you having to make a call to dg.setVar(). This is optional, and merely for convenience.