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Mobile Applications

  • downloaded by the user (typically from the App Store or Google Play) and installed directly onto their mobile device
  • once installed, the user can launch the app from a shortcut on their phone

Web Applications

  • similar to responsive, mobile friendly websites
  • designed to work in modern browsers
  • designed to work on any device/size/browser (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, televisions, kiosks)
  • a user can simply visit a URL in their web browser and the app will start

I can't decide, which one should I pick?

Don't worry! Remember with one set of code, you can deploy your app across a wide variety of devices, browsers and app stores.

It's recommended you start with the DrupalGap 8 Hello World to get a feel for building a simple web app.

Once you're feeling adventurous, try compiling the app to your mobile device.