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With most applications, your custom module will become very large and it will be easier to maintain the module across multiple files. The DrupalGap 8 CLI has built in support for Gulp which allows us to have a src directory containing many different files to power our module, and then it compiles them all down into a single e.g. my_module.min.js file. This has many advantages, and is recommended over the traditional my_module.js approach.

./dg create module my_module --gulp
cd modules/custom/my_module
sudo npm install

This will build the my_module.min.js file for you. Gulp will watch for changes you make to the files in the src directory and then rebuild the mini .js file automatically. You only need to run the sudo npm install one time. The gulpfile.js that comes with the module is set up to watch for changes to files like this:


You can freely modify the gulpfile.js to meet your needs, the above files/folders can be used to get started though.