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With page arguments, we can have one _controller handle many different paths.

A common use case is to be able to load and display a node within your app. Say for example you had a content type called group, here's a simple route you can add to your module's routing function.

dg.modules.example.routing = function() {
  var routes = {};

  routes['group'] = {
    path: "/group/(.*)",
    defaults: {
      _title: 'Group',
      _controller: function(nid) {
        return new Promise(function(ok, err) {

          // Load up the group node and show its title.
          dg.nodeLoad(nid).then(function(node) {

            // Update the page title with the group name.

            // Build the element to render the group.
            var element = {};
   = {
              _markup: JSON.stringify(node)

            // Send the element off to be rendered.



  return routes;