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If the DrupalGap install script isn't working for you, you can try these terminal commands:

cd drupal
mv DrupalGap-8.x-1.x/ app
cd app
wget --no-check-certificate
cp default.settings.js settings.js

When you're done, the sdk should live here:

For those not comfortable in a terminal, here's a verbal overview of what needs to be done:

  1. Go to your Drupal site's root folder
  2. Download the DrupalGap SDK zip file:
  3. Unzip it to your Drupal site's root folder
  4. Rename the folder from DrupalGap-8.x-1.x to app
  5. Go into the app folder
  6. Download and save the jdrupal.min.js file to the app folder

That's it, the DrupalGap SDK should now be installed. Go back to the install page to continue with the instructions.