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What is DrupalGap?

An open source javascript front end framework and application development kit for Drupal 8. Try a demo...

What is DrupalGap used for?

Build custom apps for Drupal 8, with one set of code, and then deploy them to a wide range of app stores, devices and browsers.

DrupalGap Flow

Tools and Features

By utilizing familiar coding syntax and concepts from Drupal 8 such as...

  • Entities / Fields
  • Modules
  • Hooks
  • Themes
  • Regions
  • Blocks
  • Templates
  • Routes / Custom Pages
  • Forms API
  • User Roles / Permissions

with built in pages, widgets and forms to handle...

  • User Authentication
  • Adding / Editing Entities
  • Displaying Entities / Fields
  • Rendering Views Result Data

the DrupalGap tool set is dedicated to Drupal 8 application development.

What's under the hood?

Made with 100% organic Vanilla JavaScript

This allows developers to optionally include a JS and/or CSS framework of their choice alongside DrupalGap when building apps for Drupal 8.

Getting Started

Try the Hello World for DrupalGap.