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Blocks are located within regions, within a theme. The content displayed inside the block is decided by whomever created the block.

System Blocks

By default, DrupalGap comes packaged with a few different system blocks. Here are their machine names (more commonly referred to as "delta" values):

  • main (used to display the content of the current page)
  • logo
  • title (used to display the page title)
  • powered_by

Remove the "Powered by: DrupalGap" Block

To delete the "Powered by: DrupalGap" Block from our mobile app, open the settings.js file. Then for example, remove the 'powered_by' block from the footer region within our theme:

drupalgap.settings.blocks.my_theme = {
  /* ... */
    powered_by:{}, /* delete this line */
  /* ... */