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Sometimes the way DrupalGap renders a node's page is just not acceptable, and we may want to completely take over the rendering of a particular content type.

Node Page View Alter

This is possible with hook_node_page_view_alter_TYPE().

Here's an example that takes over the way Article nodes are rendered, by placing an intro paragraph at the top of the page, and wrapping all the node's pre-rendered content in a collapsible widget:

 * Implements hook_node_page_view_alter_TYPE().
function my_module_node_page_view_alter_article(node, options) {
  try {
    var content = {};
    content['my_markup'] = {
      markup: '<p>Click the button to see the article!</p>'
    content['my_collapsible'] = {
      theme: 'collapsible',
      header: node.title,
      content: node.content
  catch (error) { console.log('my_module_node_page_view_alter_article - ' + error); }

Granted this example doesn't make much sense in the real world, but it demonstrates the ability to add content to a node's page, and retain the original content. You can return a render array (recommended) or just a plain HTML string and completely take over the rendering of the page if you want. You are not required to use node.content, it is just there for convenience.

This hook is extremely powerful, because now we can for example add Views Render Array to our node's content, and pass along the node id as a contextual filter to the View, providing dynamic results on a per node basis!