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DrupalGap has built in support for utilizing your Drupal site's search feature. This allows you to search your Drupal site's content and user from your mobile application.

Search Bar Widget

Drupal Module

You'll need the latest development snapshot of the Services Search module, or wait until the 7.x-3.1 version of the module is released to utilize these features.

Download and enable this module on your Drupal site.

User Permissions

Make sure your users have permission to search your site. On your Drupal site, go to:


And verify the following permission is enabled for your desired user role(s):

  • Use Search

Services Resources

You'll need to enable one or both of the resources from the search service. Go to:


Then check the retrieve box under the following resources:

  • search_node
  • search_user

Search Block

You may use the built in Search Block to allow your users to search for content. Just add the search block to a region on your theme in the settings.js file. For example, to make the search block visible on the dashboard page in the content region, try something like this:

drupalgap.settings.blocks.my_custom_theme = {

  /* ... other regions ... */
  content: {

    /* ... other blocks ... */

    search: {
      pages: {
        value: ['dashboard'],
        mode: 'include'



Search Results Page

DrupalGap has a built in search results page. By default, the search block will send the user to this page when they perform a search.

Search Results Page

To manually perform a search, just send the user to the search results page, with the search parameters in the page path. Here are some examples:

Search for Content

To search for nodes that contain hello, navigate to this page:


Search for Users

To search for users with john, navigate to this page: