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It's possible to plus multiple menu links in the same region. The ui-btn-left and ui-btn-right class names control the buttons placement in the region.

On Opposite Sides

Opposite Sides

On The Same Side

Same Side

The Code

Here's some example code for the settings.js file which places the buttons on opposite sides.

// Header Region Links
drupalgap.settings.menus.regions['header'] = {

    /* ... other links ... */

    /* Food Button */
      title: 'Food',
      path: 'food',
      options: {
        attributes: {
          'data-icon': 'plus',
          'class': 'ui-btn-left'
    /* Drink Button */
      title: 'Drink',
      path: 'drink',
      options: {
        attributes: {
          'data-icon': 'bars',
          'class': 'ui-btn-right'


To place the buttons on the same side, set both of their class values to ui-btn-left or ui-btn-right.