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Installing a Contributed Module

  1. Visit the Modules page to locate a contributed module
  2. Download a tag of the module from the project home page on GitHub
  3. Place the module in www/app/modules (not in www/modules)
  4. Tell DrupalGap about the module in settings.js:
/** Contributed Modules - www/app/modules **/
Drupal.modules.contrib['example'] = {};

DrupalGap will automatically load your module's JavaScript file into the app.

Module options

For custom modules, use custom instead of contrib and place your modules into the app/modules/custom folder.

Drupal.modules.contrib['example'] = {

  // Set to true if the module contains a example.min.js file.
  minified: false,

  // Set to true to tell DrupalGap the module will be manually
  // included via index.html
  loaded: false

When using the loaded option as true, you can include your module's JavaScript file(s) manually within the index.html file's <head>:

   <!-- Other stuff... -->
   <script type="text/javascript" src="app/modules/contrib/example/example.js"></script>
   <!-- More stuff... -->

By default DrupalGap uses false as the value for loaded and will attempt to automatically load your module's JavaScript file into the DOM.