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Change background color of flagged nodes in View

You can change the background color of a rendered views row in your app for nodes that have been flagged.

Set up view

In your JSON View on your website, add the Flags: Flagged field. Change the label to flagged. Change the Output Format setting to 1/0.

Drupalgap Code in your custom module

In your _list_row function, change the following line of code

var html = l(rowtext, 'node/' + row.nid);   


if (row.flagged == '0') {
  var html = l(rowtext, 'node/' + row.nid);   
} else {
  var html = l(rowtext, 'node/' + row.nid, {
    attributes: {
      'class': 'rowflag'

Add the following to drupalgap.css

a:link.rowflag.ui-btn.ui-btn-icon-right.ui-icon-carat-r {
    background-color: #e6f2ff;
a:hover.rowflag.ui-btn.ui-btn-icon-right.ui-icon-carat-r {
    background-color: #cce6ff;