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Ah, the dreaded white screen of death, le sigh.

The WSOD is a common problem when first creating your app, or when first trying to run it in an emulator or compile it directly to your device. Where/when are you experiencing the WSOD?


When we compile an app directly to our device for testing, we need to include the cordova.js file in the head of our index.html file. Take a look at the cordova.index.html file for an example of how to include the cordova.js file in your index.html file. If we don't include this file, and try to run an app directly on our device, we'll most likely get a WSOD.

The cordova.js file is not required when building a web application.


Make sure you are accessing the app via the correct URL, for example:

It's worth noting that when testing an app inside of Ripple, the cordova.js file is most likely not needed. In most cases, it appears Ripple dynamically loads the cordova.js file into your app. Results may vary, so try including/excluding the cordova.js file in your index.html file for a fix.


When compiling directly to a device, did you install the Cordova plugins (step # 4)?

During Logging Out

Some devices have problems with the default logout mechanism and result in a WSOD. To get around this, try adding a page transition of 'none' to your logout link.

Other WSOD Issues

Accurately Debugging the WSOD

First, be sure to set Drupal.settings.debug = true; in your settings.js file, so you can watch debug information while it is printed to the console.

Next, stepping through the DrupalGap bootstrap process and printing messages to the console.log() each step of the way, is the absolute best way to debug the WSOD.

You can modify the bin/drupalgap.js directly, or use the makefile to build it from the src/ directory. Refer to the Developer's Guide for more information on debugging DrupalGap core.

Once you're ready to place some console.log() statements in DrupalGap core, here are the first few functions that are called:


Try placing console.log() messages in these functions each step of the way. That should reveal to you what line(s) are crashing.

This is very important in debugging the WSOD, so please try this and report your findings in one of the issue queues.