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PhoneGap GeoLocation Plugin

Refer to PhoneGap's Geolocation documentation for more information.

To use Geo Location features on your mobile device, an Android Emulator, or an iOS Simulator, make sure you have the plugin installed within your PhoneGap environment:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-geolocation
cordova plugin save

If you're using Ripple for development, you can simulate a Geo Location with Ripple, without the plugin mentioned above.

Contributed Modules

There are a few contributed modules for DrupalGap that have offer started work on typical Geo Location features:

iOS 8

Apple made some changes in iOS 8 that make some of the location stuff pretty tricky. Basically you have to add certain entries to the Info.plist to explain why your app is using location information, and the app has to explicitly request location authorization before it can get any information. In the past just querying for location information would implicitly trigger a prompt to the user.