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DrupalGap utilizes jDrupal to communicate with the Services module on a Drupal website.

How does the Services module work?

The Services module provides URLs that can be used by a mobile application to C.R.U.D. entities on a Drupal website.

C.R.U.D (create, retrieve, update, delete)

  • Nodes
  • Users (login, logout, registration, sessions)
  • Comments
  • Files
  • Taxonomy

How does DrupalGap use the Services module?

DrupalGap uses the Services module to C.R.U.D. entities and manage user authentication with Drupal. Example Service Calls

Retrieve a Node (HTTP GET)

See node_load() to automatically load a node, this example is for illustration purposes.

  nid: 123,
  title: "Hello World",
  uid: 1,
  type: "article"

Note, in this example our Service endpoint name is drupalgap and it shows just a small sample of the JSON data returned for a node.

Register a User (HTTP POST)

The user registration form is pre-built into DrupalGap, this example is for illustration purposes. See user_register() for more details.


Note, the mail value would need to be *URL encoded as before being posted.