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One Click Installer

After installing the DrupalGap module, in Drupal:

  1. Go to Configuration -> Web services -> DrupalGap
  2. Click the Install the SDK button
  3. Click the Launch app button

This will install a web app sandbox environment, and a demo for you to try. With any modern browser, you'll be able to instantly begin development on your application.

What's the difference between a mobile app and a web app?

Using the web application one click installer is the easiest way to get started. Best of all, anything you build with the web app can be downloaded and then compiled to run as a mobile application!

Other Installation Techniques

If the one click installer doesn't suit your needs, try manually installing the SDK using one of these techniques:

Mobile Applications

To build a mobile application for Android or iOS, we'll be using PhoneGap as a means to compile the application, so we first need to set up an environment for it.

Web Applications

Please refer to one click installer, or the web app documentation for more details.