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jQuery Mobile Page Events

jQuery Mobile has page events that are fired when navigating to a page in our mobile application. So it is natural to want handle these events on the pages.

By utilizing hook_menu() in DrupalGap, we can attach handlers to any jQM page event that happens on our app's page. For example, say we created a simple page in DrupalGap via hook_menu() and wanted to handle the jQM pageshow event with some custom code, then we could do something like this in our custom DrupalGap module:

 * Implements hook_menu()
function my_module_menu() {
  var items = {};
  items['my_page'] = {
    title:'My Custom Page',
    page_callback: 'my_custom_page',
    pageshow: 'my_custom_page_pageshow'
  return items;

function my_custom_page() {
  var content = {};
  content['my_stuff'] = {
    markup: '<p>Nice stuff!</p>'
  return content;

function my_custom_page_pageshow() {
  drupalgap_alert('My pageshow event has been called!');

Now when we navigate to 'my_page' in DrupalGap, the jQM pageshow event will be fired and our handler function will be called.

DrupalGap supports the following jQM page events:

  • pagebeforechange
  • pagebeforecreate
  • pagebeforehide
  • pagebeforeload
  • pagebeforeshow
  • pagechange
  • pagechangefailed
  • pagecreate
  • pagehide
  • pageinit
  • pageload
  • pageloadfailed
  • pageremove
  • pageshow

To use any of these page events on a page, simply add one or more of them to your hook_menu implementation and then specify a function to handle each event.